ProjectSend version r375 released!

A new version is available for download!

This release fixes the bugs introduced on r335 and adds new features.
Be sure to download it and send in your comments!

What’s new:
– Added an option to send BCC of the notifications for new files to the main admin and any other specified e-mail addresses.
– Added the possibility to export the log to a csv file.
– Spanish translation file is included by default (translated by Raúl Elenes).
– The header is now completely responsive. Some other parts are still not done.
– Added a “My account” link for users and clients to be able to edit their own preferences and data.
– Files-to-clients relations are now imported from older installations.
– On updates and installation, the system will try to chmod some files and folders for security, and to improve timthumb’s compatibility.
– Added an option to select if timthumb should use the relative or absolute path to the image file.
– Notifications are not deleted from the database, but stored as sent (or any other code for error messages). This will allow for the creation of a notifications management page in the future.

– Email notifications are now working correctly.
– 0kb downloads should be fixed.
– File sizes over 2gb are now correctly read.
– Fixed some errores and notices on the installer.
– Fixed the zip file generator routine. Suggested by bflahault.
– Other small fixes.

You can get it on the Google Code page.