How to update ProjectSend

Updating the software is a very fast and easy procedure.

You will need two programs for this.

  • First is an FTP client, and the access information (host or IP, username and password) to your hosting account.
    FileZilla is one of the best free apps available right now.
  • A file archiver. 7-Zip is free and works perfectly. Other free and popular choices: PeaZip, HaoZip.


Once you have the software installed, and your hosting account configured -which will not be covered here-, follow this simple steps:

  1. Download the latest version of ProjectSend from
  2. Open the downloaded zip file with your software of choice.
  3. Connect via your FTP client to your hosting account, and navigate to the folder where ProjectSend is installed. Ex: if you use it from, most probably the folder will be public_html/projectsend. This depends on each hosting provider, but this is a common configuration.
  4. Drag all of the files and folders from the zip file to the folder on your hosting. The program will ask you if you want to overwrite the existing online files. Check the option to do that to every other file (“always use this action” in FileZilla), and click OK.
  5. Log in into your ProjectSend installation. The database update will run automatically. You will get a message when it’s done.
  6. Listo! Everything is updated.
  7. Important: Delete your browser’s cache to ensure that all files are reloaded to their new versions. JavasSript cached files specially could stop your page from loading correctly or links from working

Your personal configuration file (sys.config.php) is never included on the downloadable versions, so it will not be replaced while upgrading.

In the future, an automatic update option will be added to ProjectSend.