ProjectSend r315: BETA version

If you are interested in trying the new features of ProjectSend, download the new beta version!

You can get it on the Google Code page.

But please, do not use it on production sites yet.
This version changes the folder where uploaded files are stored. So, when it tries to update your current installation, it will MOVE all existing files into the new folder (uploads/files).

The new features list is pretty extensive. Among the biggest are the following:

– Clients groups
– Files can be assigned to multiple clients/groups
– A complete log of everything that happens on the site
– Statistics graphics
– Clients can register themselves if allowed (an admin must approve each new account)
– File editor
– SMTP and gmail options for sending email notifications
– Deactivate clients and users accounts to forbid logging in.
– Master list of all existing files
– List of users/clients who downloaded each file (accesible from the Manage files page)
– New dashboard and overall design of the app.
– Search and filters on files, clients, groups and users lists (also available to clients on their list)
– Clients can edit the files they have uploaded
– Notification emails now include a summary of the new files with name and an excerpt of the description.
– Lots of fixes
– Cleaner code/css (still in progress)

Please leave your comments and suggestions here or on the issues page.

Thanks again for using ProjectSend!