• Added support for X-Accel on nginx
  • Fixed password reset forms returning 403. By @varandinawer
  • New option: select pagination amount for all administration areas
  • Fixed pagination on default template. Solution by @mike-miguel
  • Always check php, mysql and modules requirements to prevent the app from running on unsupported platforms
  • Fixed: statistics chart for roles 7 and 8
  • Default template: use global pagination amount
  • Fixed missing uppercase characters on uploaded files
  • Fixed typo on activities widget
  • Added file size on public file download page
  • Added file description colum on manage files page
  • Don’t show the directories write permissions warning to clients
  • Fix CVE-2020-28874 by @varandinawer
  • Login: removed ajax functionality. Fixes infinite loading during errors. Fixes CVE-2020-28875 (found by @varandinawer)