• Fixed login not working with certain translations (eg: French)
  • Removed the need for simple_xml extension
  • News and version updates are cached locally to prevent unnecessary connections, making the dashboard load faster everytime.
  • Improved email validation
  • Fixed a connection issue on the installer
  • Replaced the default allowed file types that are set during installation with a more comprehensive (by trini)
  • Fix for uploading files with the same name (by AlanReiblein)
  • Fixed an issue when uploading files unlisted extensions, even if this was not limited via settings.
  • Added the option to download multiple files zipped via the manage files page (same as the default template for clients)
  • Security fixes when hiding-showing files and on the installer (by mschop)
  • Fixed a security issue that allowed arbitrary code to be executed (by lmsilva)
  • Fixed known XSS bugs
  • Fixed a security issue where server’s log files would record passwords (reported by Felipe Molina de la Torre)
  • Updated README with requirements