ProjectSend r1584


Users with “uploader” role can now be limited to certain clients only
Added 2FA via email with a one time password
Added Custom assets manager (HTML, CSS, JS), to insert custom code into available locations (public pages, admin, templates, all)
New setting: set default expiration options (file expires or not, day before expiring)
New privacy settings: record user’s IP for downloads of all users, anonymous only or never
File editor: added buttons to copy expiration, public and hidden settings to other files
Templates can be extended to the public files list and download file page
Added preview for public files in listing and download page


Updated to Bootstrap 5
General update of colors, sizes and placing of elements.
Completely revamped the public files list page using the default template style.
Standardization of filters, search boxes and bulk actions.
Added a button to create new items in pages where they belong (ie: clients list -> Create client, manage files -> Upload file, etc)
Applied filters and search bar to public files list
Added a simple side modal class to show static content, or load it via ajax
Email template tags can now be clicked to insert them into the content area
Unsed email template tags are highlighted when editing a template
Removed grayed out effect from date selector on file editor, made the field look disabled
Copy file selection/settings (expiration, public, categories, clients, groups) grouped together for a cleaner experience.
File editor: added expand/collapse of each file
Updated the click to copy UI and functions, added Toastr for messages
Added copy to clipboard buttons to cron commands and social login callbacks
Public files list page group filter: show file count in each group
Download information UI fixes
Fixed a bug where installer errors were not showing

General Fixes and improvements

Added language selector to all non-logged in pages. On language change, return to previous page instead of index
Fixed user password being changed during editing
Fixed social login with Linkedin, Twitter, WindowsLive and Yahoo
Fixed a bug that prevented removing all categories from a file
Import orphan: by default, show allowed files.
Improved loading time of Orphan files pages when traversing several thousand files
Orphan files can now be deleted. Updated UI to import via actions selector
Fixed memberships requests failing when requested_by had to be null
Fixed loading plupload language
General code cleanup
JS and SCSS files completely reorganized
Removed Open Sans font since it was loading externally just for the headings
Fixed button that loads default emails content
Fix for installer not creating the user
Separated installer instances into different files
Replaced chosen-js with select2
Public file: don’t show title if it is equal to filename
Public download: file title used as page title
Replaced psendmodal with SweetAlert2
Highlight current submenu also on options and email templates
Upgraded to Gulp4 (by redondi88)
Cron fixes for FreeBSD (By xzenor)
Leave only html5 runtime on plupload
Updated dependencies