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New version: r1295

Hello everyone! A new version is available. r1295 fixes a couple of bugs from r1270 (recover password forms returning error, typos and warnings), but it also adds support for X-Accel on nginx for faster, more reliable downloads, as well as a new option to select the amount of items per page on pagination for all…

New version available: r1270

Hello everyone! Thanks to the feedback from the users a few changes have been made to the last public beta, and a few days ago a new ProjectSend version has been released. Due to the improvements made on the app (including new features and security fixes) it is higly recommended to update to r1270 when…

New version: r1070 is out!

Hello everyone! Version r1070 has just been released and is available to download. It’s recommended that you update to get the latest fixes for the security issues that have been reported so far, as well as for some of the most reported errors (like the unresponsiveness of the Dashboard, the requirements for extra php modules…

New version: r1053!

Hello everyone! Good news. A new version is now available to download! Version r1053 includes a plethora of new functions, fixes and changes, including an overhaul of the UI that I’m sure you will like. Also, all of the known security fixes have been solved. Please update when you have the chance! The full, detailed…

New version: r754!

A new version is out and it’s packed with a lot of new features and improvements, don’t miss out on it! The most important new feature is the files CATEGORIES manager. You can now use hierarchical categories to organize all of your files and to make it easier for you and your clients to navigate…

New version available: r609

A new version is available now. It is a pretty important update to make as security has been greatly improved. Also this version fixes those annoying bugs where the wrong files where deleted, the visibility status couldn’t be changed and the database tables prefix had to be the default tbl_ to prevent a loop.

r582 now available

A new version is now available to download. This one is an important update, as it solves a couple of bugs that were pretty annoying. The biggest one prevented users from deleting the files they wanted, and in some cases, the wrong ones ended up deleted. The full list of changes can be read here….

New version available: r572

Hello everyone! This is a quick patch to the previous version. It fixes the update notification being always on, and adds an xss security patch.

New version available: r571

Hello everyone! Good news, a new version is now available. Please note that it’s VERY important to update, as some security errors where fixed on this new release. Also, some translation files are included by default with ProjectSend downloads. On this version, languages that have at least 80% of the texts translated have been included….

New version ready: r561

A new version is now ready for you to download! It’s recommended to update as this release includes important security fixes and new features. To read the whole list of changes, please view the change log. Enjoy!