r1255 beta available

A beta version of the next release is available for download. Any testing will be appreciated!
Important: please note that the minimum required version of php has been changed to 7.0.
Before upgrading, please make a backup of your existing installation in case you need to roll back to your current version.

Download r1255

Here’s a quick list of what you will find in this version:

– Lots of code refactoring to improve speed and resources usage
– Added files preview for video, audio, PDF and images (in the Manage files page and the default template for clients)
– Added a page under Tools menu to test email configuration and new SSL options
– Multiple files can now be edited at the same time. This is the result of changing how uploads work. As soon as a file finishes uploading it is added to the database so it’s always available and easier to edit
– Added an option to download via XSendFile. This is a huge improvement for large downloads. While it requires a module to be installed on the server, the difference is outstanding. This module skips php when serving files, so that adds resumable downloads, faster speeds, and reduces significantly the chance of corrupt files
– When creating users and clients, you can require them to change the password after their first login
– Social login can now be enabled for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Windows Live, Yahoo
– Better zip download support. When downloading multiple files as zip, everything is recorded on the action log and downloads viewer. Added functions to download as zip on the other templates as well
– Implemented svg uploading as branding logo or regular shareable files. A sanitizer is added for security
– Flow of some actions have been improved, such as auto login when a client registers an account if auto approve is enabled.
– Image files thumbnails are handled with a new, much more reliable library.
– Logged in users can change the language via a selector on the top right
– Many security fixes have been applied.
– Dependencies are now handled via composer and npm, so it’s much easier to update them (phpmailer, plupload, bootstrap, chart.js, etc) and all assets are compiled via gulp. This leaves us with fewer, more compact and lighter requests and resource files
– Fixed installer issue where you would not be allowed to continue due to directory write errors, but the error was hidden
– New actions on the actions log
– Dashboard widgets improvements: no need for simple_xml library for news, can select any action on the log widget
– Fix: keep original filename special characters when downloading a file
– Show a warning if important folders don’t have write permissions

There’s some work done for LDAP implementation but not available on this beta release. Hopefuly it will be finished by the time a stable release is published.

Thank your for your support!