New version available: r571

Hello everyone! Good news, a new version is now available.

Please note that it’s VERY important to update, as some security errors where fixed on this new release.

Also, some translation files are included by default with ProjectSend downloads.

On this version, languages that have at least 80% of the texts translated have been included. These are:

  • English (default language)
  • Catalan (Spain) – ca_ES.po
  • Danish – da.po
  • Dutch – nl.po
  • French – fr.po
  • German – de.po
  • Italian (Italy) – it_IT.po
  • Portuguese (Brazil) – pt_BR.po
  • Portuguese (Portugal) – pt_PT.po
  • Spanish – es.po
  • Ukranian – uk.po
  • Czech – cs.po
  • Swedish – sv.po
  • Finnish – fi.po
  • Slovenian – sl.po

Translations are made by awesome users.
If you want to add or fix something, please go to the project page on Transifex.

To use a language, please How to change ProjectSend’s language.