ProjectSend r1605

  • Added file version to CSS and Javascript assets to prevent cache issues
  • Added an option to show a link to the public files repository under the log in form
  • Show image file dimensions (manage files, public page, download page, templates)
  • Updated Gallery theme to flexbox
  • Added link to download translations to the languages dropdown (system users only)
  • Fix upload button on default template (by SnappyBird)
  • Enlarged PDF preview (by ch1138 and serg499)
  • Fixed side menu visibility on dashboard (by ch1138)
  • Fixed public page not loading when no public groups were available
  • Disabled autocomplete on 2FA verification form (by SnappyBird)
  • Fixed PDO warning
  • Don’t add <p> tag to file description in email notifications if markup has HTML already
  • Use full path for sort links (by Koenari)